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" For fifteen years, we have been working alongside entrepreneurs during key milestones of their development. Our closeness and expertise form the base of this trustful relationship and allows us to face together the challenge of growth. "
Laurent Foata
Head of Ardian Growth

The Ardian Growth team primarily focuses on companies that can achieve strong organic growth in their core markets and that have the potential to expand internationally.

Consolidation of growth drivers. Acting as a catalyst for growth, the team capitalizes on over 15 years of experience and expertise in providing local support in turning points for growth by seizing opportunities for acquisitions and international expansion.

Involved in entrepreneurial realities, the team provides it sectorial network to help strengthen the human capital of the company. Ardian's global presence helps international exposure of the company.

The team makes investments of €2M to €10M in the internet and technology sectors, and innovative industries, through diverse interventions: capital increase, repurchase or transmission leveraged buyout.

In order to meet the entrepreneurs needs for support that Ardian created the Entrepreneurs Club of Digital in partnership with the French Association for Software Publishers and the Association for Digital Economy. The Digital Entrepreneurs Club main purpose is to provide young entrepreneurs the opportunity to meet experienced business people and share best practices in the industry.

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Ardian has helped more than 250 companies since its creation. Its current portfolio comprises 130 businesses.