Human resources

Ardian has built its success on the talent of its employees

Ardian has 380 employees, over 12 offices worldwide. Of Ardian’s 380 employees, 42% are women and 25% are former interns. Ardian has the ability to find and train young people. Today many of our senior managers were previously interns, including Benoît Verbrugghe, Member of the Executive Committee and Head of Ardian USA, who started his career as an intern at Ardian in 1999.

Integration program

Ardian offers a company integration program to its new recruits, which includes an induction seminar in Paris. We offer the investment teams a three-month exchange programme, allowing them to work in a team in a different office.

The company also has an internal mentoring program which ensures employees are fully immersed into the business.

Training and mobility

Each employee is given the opportunity to benefit from internal and external training solutions, while international transfer opportunities are regularly offered to meet the respective office's needs.

Since its creation, Ardian has offered 38 employees the opportunity to work across our international offices.

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Backed by a team of 330 professionals based across Europe, America and Asia, Ardian is a global leader in private investment


Success stories


Ardian has a long track record of growing its portfolio companies, with many examples of these partnerships