Ardian Foundation

Supporting talents

Since 2010, Ardian supports talents by accompanying young people from modest backgrounds. About 2500 talents were supported through 17 separate actions. Fifty employees are involved in sponsorship activities.

In 2014 Ardian creates, under the aegis of the Fondation de France, a dedicated foundation driven by five employees from different teams. The objective of Ardian Foundation is to help young talents to express their full potential by creating the favorable conditions for their success. This project involves the financing of housing subsidies and the establishment of a mentoring program.

The Foundation has a five-year budget of €2.5 million is funded both by the company and Ardian staff, with the company matching each staff donation made.

You can make a donation by clicking on the following link: Ardian Foundation Donations

" The message that Ardian wants to deliver through its support for children and young people is that talent makes a difference. If you have talent, we will help you express it. That’s what we do with the entrepreneurs who we support as a company, and that’s what we want to do through the Foundation for young people who do not have the support or the funding to become successful. "

Amir Sharifi,
President of the Ardian Foundation

for more information about the foundation, consult our Ardian Foundation Activity Report 2015

The Ardian Foundation aims to intervene in countries where the company has a local presence in Europe, in Asia and the United States

  • Sponsorships and scholarships for 60 European students Housing program of 100 students

  • Sponsorships and student scholarships for 20 Chinese students

  • Sponsorships and student scholarships students

Corporate social responsibility

CSR policy

Since 2009, Ardian integrates ESG criteria within the whole investment process.


Success stories


Ardian has a long track record of growing its portfolio companies, with many examples of these partnerships